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Employers not calling you? Does your resume highlight and showcase your unique strengths, talents and qualifications?

Your resume has 7 to 10 seconds to land you an interview
or it usually ends up in the trashcan!

Your resume is a personal career-marketing document that needs to sell (not tell) your unique skills and qualifications with maximum impact to generate interest and interviews. Resume Rescue and Career Services offers a FREE – No Obligation resume and/or cover letter review and quote on how we can help you. We offer this free review and quote as an introduction to prospective clients who are interested in learning more about our resume writing and career management services. We respectfully ask that if you are not seriously considering hiring a resume writer, please do not submit your current resume for a free review.

During our review of your resume or cover letter, will evaluate and address the following areas:

  • the effectiveness of your current format, content and overall presentation
  • the use of keywords and current resume writing trends
  • proper placement of relevant and critical information
  • the demonstration of your abilities, career achievements and results
  • what to keep or change and what to remove
  • opportunities to enhance information to grab the reader’s attention
  • areas to strengthen to place you ahead of your competition
  • potential red flags from a human resources perspective

Email us at: resumerescue@bellsouth.net

Contact us with questions at: 904.317.8148.

Our resume development specialist will review your document(s) and contact you via phone or email within 1 to 3 business days. Please indicate preferred contact method and best time of day to reach you.

We always use discretion when we contact you. We guarantee utmost confidentiality and your personal information is safeguarded and never shared with anyone outside of our company.




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What Our Clients Say
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