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Think your small organization can't afford professional outplacement services?

Good News…You can with fees starting as low as $395 an employee!!

As the responsibility of most mangers, terminating employees can be a very difficult and emotional task. Whether you need to perform one termination or a hundred, we can help you through this tough process. We offer our outplacement and career coaching services to organizations and our career management programs are designed for all levels of management and non-management associates. Why choose Resume Rescue and Career Services for your outplacement needs?

  • Save $$$ in Career Transition and Career Coaching Costs
  • Hassle-Free, No Long-term Contracts To Sign
  • All levels of employees accepted: Entry through Executive Level
  • Accessible, Reliable and Prompt Local Provider
  • Professional, Top-Notch Career Management Consulting
  • Personable, Friendly, Certified and Experienced Professionals
  • Career Development Workshops Available

Managing career transitions and change can be very difficult and overwhelming for some individuals. Our affordable career management and outplacement services assist individuals and organizations during career transitions and helps create a positive life focus in the midst of difficulty or hard times. We assist displaced employees by creating the job transition tools and resources they need to launch a quick job search campaign. Our career management program includes:

  • One-on-one consultation designed to ease transition
  • Cover letter, networking and follow-up correspondence
  • Resume or CV preparation
  • High impact interviewing skills and techniques designed to assist participant overcome weakness, increase interviewing confidence and increase the ability to gain re-employment quickly
  • Development of “verbal business card” (two minute opening/closing statements)
  • Job search action plan, career journal and career portfolio development
  • Salary negotiation tips and networking strategies
  • Employment offer and counter offer review
  • Resource Center and career workshops

Benefits of our Career Management Program                

Benefits For The Employer:

  • Helps defuse departing employee's negative feelings, frustration and bitterness and reduces the chance of unfair dismissal litigation during termination
  • Enhances your company reputation and treatment of employees with investors, customers, remaining workforce and future job candidates
  • Promotes a sense of goodwill and a caring corporate image throughout the industry and community
  • Demonstrates respect and minimizes the effect and anxiety among remaining employees
  • Reduces unemployment and COBRA expenses by shortening length of unemployment
  • Top-rate, full-service services that empower displaced employees

Other Services We Provide:

  • Exit Management Strategies and Employee Communications
  • Potential Legal Exposure and Risk Management

Benefits For The Departing Employee or Self-Referred Individual:

  • Helps individual cope with feelings of change, shock, anger, loss and sadness
  • Helps determine transferable skills, qualifications and marketability that makes a powerful impact
  • Builds dignity, self-confidence, increased self-esteem and well being
  • Focuses on new opportunities
  • Helps individual gain the tools and resources to obtain re-employment quickly
  • Offers the individual the opportunity to polish up their resume and cover letter to generate interviews
  • Helps career seekers improve their interviewing skills through mock interviews and feedback
  • Assists individuals with networking and salary negotiation techniques

Affordable and Flexible Services-Save THOUSAND$

Who say’s smaller organizations can’t offer professional outplacement services to their departing employees? Our outplacement program is professionally delivered while meeting your company needs and budget restrictions. We offer our one-on-one outplacement services with no minimum requirement in terms of number of employees being offered outplacement. Our outplacement program is designed to assist anyone, from hourly employees to top-level executives. Other larger outplacement firms may charge as much as $5,000 to $15,000+ per employee for a long drawn out ineffective process! WE DON’T … and we won’t break your bank account! Resume Rescue and Career Services offers services unmatched by larger outplacement firms by providing only what your employees need NOW to gain reemployment FAST - no needless services, no time-consuming self-evaluations and handholding - just effective and powerful career transition assistance and resources that gets results.

Corporate Training Programs

We offer a variety of leadership training and educational workshops. Some of our selected workshops include:

  • Insightful Interviewing & Hiring…Tell Me and Tell Me More
  • For Real – Painless Performance Appraisals
  • Discipline, Documentation and Discharge of Problem Employees
  • Sexual Harassment – No Kidding!
  • Avoiding the Legal Landmines of HR...It’s a War Out There!



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    What Our Clients Say
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