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Résumé Rescue and Career Service is not a one-size-fits-all, off-the shelf, template-driven service with a team of inexperienced typists writing to an established formula. You are unique and so is your résumé. Your documents will never be contracted out to interns, subcontractors or “piece-work” typists. We have helped hundreds of career seekers achieve their career dreams and destiny…we’re confident we can do the same for you.

Utmost Confidentiality…

We respect your confidentiality and will never contact you at work or leave our business name at your office without your permission. We are always discreet when contacting

you and your personal information will never be shared with anyone outside our organization. All information is safeguarded and kept strictly confidential.

Our Commitment…

We are committed to preparing high-quality career materials using the most up-to-date writing techniques, design, layout and format. Prior to preparing your résumé, pertinent career information is gathered from you so that a compelling top-notch résumé using strategies and keywords marketing your value, credentials and professional profile can be prepared. Each résumé is customized-- résumé templates or off-the-shelf résumé software is never used. We ensure you are completely satisfied by delivering excellent customer service during the entire process. Should you choose Résumé Rescue and Career Services as your career partner, you can be assured you will receive only first-class documents.

Our guarantee?? Simple - We’re not finished until you are
completely 100% Happy!

Personalized Service…

We understand that some clients may be going through a very stressful time in their career or personal life. All clients are treated respectfully as individuals and particular needs are taken into consideration at all times. We provide courteous, reliable and prompt service during the entire process. Our number one strength that separates us from other career management services is our personalized approach and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

On-line Service…

For added convenience and quicker turn-around time, we provide services online - no appointment is necessary!  We can also provide coaching and consultations via phone and email if desired.

Still want to write your own resume?? Consider the following:

Does your résumé capture the reader’s attention in less than 10 seconds?
Does your résumé contain enough keywords to be selected in resume database    searches?
Do you lack confidence in your ability to write a powerful and professional résumé?
Do you have a clear understanding of the intricacies of developing a top-notch résumé?
Are skills and qualifications the employer seeks highlighted?
Is your résumé accomplishment oriented rather than duty oriented?
Does your résumé contain “power verbs, action adjectives and adverbs”?
Is your résumé written using current trends and preferences?
Do you have a dynamic cover letter prepared to send with your résumé?

Does your résumé need to be rescued??
If so, it’s time to relax and contact us today!

Choose Résumé Rescue and Career Services to help you “write into a job.”


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What Our Clients Say
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